At Wheatland Dental, you’ll receive the very best dental care from our highly trained doctors and staff using the very latest equipment.

Our technologies include use of small intraoral cameras, laser cavity detectors, drill less dentistry, Panoramic X-Rays using VGi scan, TekScan and Bio Research Jaw Tracker, and we provide quick and easy ceramic fillings and crowns.

  • We are dedicated to providing the best that dentistry has to offer
  • We are committed to continuing education on the latest advances and technologies
  • We use state-of-the-art, comfortable, personalized & antiseptic care

Intraoral Camera

Exclusively powered by iTero, the Invisalign Outcome Simulator helps patients visualize their treatment outcome, make real-time adjustments to simulations and easily project corrections, extractions, IPR, etc.

Intraoral Camera

We use small cameras right inside your mouth to take highly magnified digital photos of your teeth. These photos can be displayed on a computer screen for both patient and doctor, and are invaluable in diagnosing and recording dental problems. Intra-oral photos also allow our patients to view what the dentist sees when they are evaluating your teeth.


A cavity can be repaired much more easily in its earliest stages, often without the need for anesthetic. At Wheatland Dental Care, we use a specialized laser to detect cavities in the pits and grooves of teeth long before they could be found with traditional techniques. With this state-of-the-art instrument, called DIAGNODENT, we are able to keep teeth healthy and natural with early intervention.

Drill-less Dentistry – Air Abrasion

This exciting new technology helps avoid the use of needles and an uncomfortable numb feeling. It removes the smallest possible amount of tooth structure, and enables your dentist to place strong natural looking restorations in only a few minutes.

Air abrasion involves the use of a special hand piece that creates a beam of abrasive particles propelled by a stream of clean, dry air. Air abrasion is most effectively used for small early cavities, removal of stains, repair of small chips, and to repair or replace fillings.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography (as well as panoramic and tomography) is the latest way to take and evaluate x-rays. With digital x-rays, less radiation is needed to produce high-quality images. These images can then be evaluated on a large flat-screen monitor. This allows for easier detection of any problems. With such a large image, it is also easier for patients to see and understand what is happening with their teeth.

Panoramic X-Rays using VGi scan

Within one large film, panoramic X-rays using our VGi scan reveal all of your upper and lower teeth as well as parts of your jaw. Our VGi scanner can also tell how large your airway is in the event that Sleep Apnea treatment is necessary.

Argon and ND YAG Lasers

Wheatland Dental Care uses ND Yag and Argon lasers to make some of the most difficult dental procedures quick, easy, and comfortable.

TekScan and Bio Research Jaw Tracker

Neuromuscular Dentistry success rate increases with this impressive non-invasive machine which tracks and measures the movement of your jaw. No guesswork. Just solid information so that you can make informed decisions.

CEREC Machine

The Glidewell Fastmill is revolutionary to dentistry and creates crowns in a day! Using its technology, we are able to make ceramic fillings and crowns while you wait. This technique eliminates the need for messy impressions and temporary crowns. It can also make fillings that last much longer than conventional ones, and they look beautiful!

Advanced Periodontal Program with phase-microscopy and cultures

By doing the cultures while you are in the office, you’ll receive immediate feedback on the health of your teeth and gums.

Massage Chair for Post-Op Patients

In our effort to make every procedure as comfortable as possible for our patients, we offer a massage chair for patients following dental surgery or other dental procedures that can benefit from a little rest and relaxation.