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Wheatland Dental Care treats chronic disorders like neuromuscular and sleeping issues through innovative technologies.

Dr. Sugg has taken years of additional training in Nuermuscular Dentistry, and is one of only about 1,000 true nueromuscular dentists in the world. In this segment, Sugg from Wheatland Dental Care speaks about how neuromuscular dentistry can alleviate a variety of systemic disorders.

How Dr. Sugg treats Sleep Disorders like Sleep Apnea

Dr. Sugg, of Wheatland Dental Care in Dallas, Texas, is known for treating chronic sleep disorders like sleep apnea for athletes within the Pro Player Health Alliance.

In this video below, Dr. Sugg shares the risks of Sleep Apnea such as breathing issues, increased cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, and what to look out for.

Derek Kennard shares how a device created by Dr. Sugg at Wheatland Dental Care helped him address breathing and sleep issues associated with Sleep Apnea. Watch video >